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Questionable Intimacy
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What goes in, out
and around

Questionable Intimacy – what goes in, out and around’ is a celebration of black girl magic, black womanhood and a raw documentation of the self-love journey. Combining storytelling (poems, gentle reminders and narrative essays) and photographs, this body of work explores the desires, longings, the brutal pain of unrequited love, the hurt, the confusion of seeking for more, the pleasure of connecting with thyself and the reality of how difficult the self-love journey is.

About the author

Makanaka Tuwe is the Founder of Afrika on My Sleeve, The Content Queen New Zealand and Sesa Mathlo. Describing herself as a tree hugger, tea drinker, explorer, social entrepreneur, woman’s rights activist, reggae trap soul swayer, serial snap chatter, self-care champion, community and social development dreamer, book reading, free spirited dynamite. She can be found laughing at inappropriate memes or happenings of life. Hailing from the Southern part of the African continent, Zimbabwe, she identifies as a citizen of the world and above all a womanist.

She is currently completing her Master in International Communication focusing on expanding the Africana narrative in the media space specifically Sub-Saharan African youth in Auckland, New Zealand. Questionable Intimacy is her first self-published title written over a period of four years. As part of her self-care rituals you can find her blending 100% natural soaking salts and organic tea leaves while twerking furiously to afrobeats.

— Makanaka Tuwe


Thank you for joining me as I take you on an intimate ride through this journey of self-love, self-care and un/learning.

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